Mobile Hydraulics Systems Engineer

Job Description The mobilehydraulic systems engineer is in charge of developing the next generation system solutions based on current market trends and needs. The ideal candidate has innovative out-of-the-box problem solving skills, excellent communication skills, strong engineering fundamentals background, expertise on system simulation as well as a strong competence to create control algorithms for highly dynamic systems. The candidate will be expected to be able to propose, design, simulate, optimize, prototype and test best-in-class system architectures. Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Collect and evaluate customer requirements. Conceptual development of best-of-class system architectures. Create and use mobilehydraulic components and system-level simulations to evaluate and optimize technical concepts. Generate machine-level hydraulic and electronic schematics.    Lead internal and external design reviews for machine prototype sample designs. Generate system specifications, control algorithms, and test procedures for prototype testing. Troubleshoot bench testing and/or vehicle issues which can occur during development.   Qualifications Preferred qualifications: Bachelor's and Master's degree in mechanical engineering required. A PhD degree is strongly preferred. Prefer 2 years of experienceworking withhydraulic systems with experience in controls.  Innovative mind set and aptitude to conduct system concept design studies. Strong analytical and organizational skills. Ability to closely collaborate and convey information across local and international groups desired.
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
Less than 5 years

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