Manufacturing Engineering Manager( E4 )

Job Description -        Development, implementation and execution of manufacturing, assembly and testing processes incl.          Machine / line program development and proper administration and maintenance of these programs -        Identification of best practice and support design of capable tools for world class manufacturing -        Facilitate, implement and conduct charting of controls or SPC and prosesses throughout the facility -        Maintain plant wide goals in safety, quality, delivery, cost, efficiency -        Develop and perform manufacturing/assembly PFMEA, assign proper RPN, initiate and drive              activities to correct high risk conditions, implement preventive actions to protect customer -        Drive reduction of internal defect cost (scrap), internal test rejects, 0-km rejects          through use of 8D, A3, PDCA, Point and System CIP or other suitable tools -        Develop gaging applications for close tolerance machining on diverse products and with the ability to          evaluate products and part prints in order to conceptualize, select, order, manage and confirm through          gage capability, gage R&R and MSA requirements -        Must be able and willing to be hands on the shop floor while collecting daily measurements -        Responsible for Project Management in MFG Engineering incl. definition of projects and creation of          scopes and metrics for completion -        Manage and guide team of currently 9 employees  to achieve high performance team results in process            and product management -        Drive definition, evaluation and implementation of Industry 4.0 tools in particular in Assembly and Test     Qualifications   Bachelor's Degree or higher in an Engineering or releated field required. Educational background in the fields of Manufacturing Engineering or Assembly Engineering preferred.   Min. 8 years of experience in a professional and industrial environment, preferably in an automotive Setup incl. setup and programming of metal cutting machines   Experience in Industry 4.0 applications mainly in Assembly and Test applications or related fields   Knowledge in setting up and maintaining PFMEAs   Proven People and Project Management skills required.   Knowledge with hard gaging of product and CMM reports (preferred Zeiss) and SPC   Open minded to embrace new technology and implement state of the art processes   Experience with AutoCAD, MS Office and MiniTab and SAP (if possible)   Knowledge of Lean Manufacturing tools, familiar with Production system approaches   Ability to work independent with minimum supervision in a high performing environment      Ability to lead a group of highly educated individuals in a professional manner  
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
8 - 10 years

Don't Be Fooled

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